whiplash compensation

whiplash compensation- Major Points

Compensation claims are made for a variety of reasons, including personal injury. People who have suffered physical harm through another’s negligence or criminal act may well be wondering how to claim compensation. In these cases it is always in the would-be claimant’s best interests to make contact with personal injury solicitors.

The role of these solicitors is to advise and represent their clients. Each case is different so it is hard to say how long a claim will take. The most important thing is that personal injury solicitors have the expertise to provide the best service possible for their clients.Find additional information at whiplash compensation.

Hopefully, claimants will not only win their cases but receive the full compensation due for their injuries and suffering. Personal injury can prove to very expensive as the victim may well suffer loss of earnings. Other costs may have to be incurred if the injuries are particular serious. This is why the services of personal injury solicitors should be sought when anyone who has suffered such misfortune is considering how to claim compensation.

Before anyone considers making such a claim he or she must realise they should not have been responsible for the misfortune which has befallen them. The physical hurt must have been caused by another’s negligence or criminal action.

If you have suffered an injury because of a criminal act then the police should have become involved. The criminal aspect of the case may well be dealt with in the criminal courts. This does not stop the victim pursuing a claim for compensation which may well be decided in the civil courts.

Anyone injured in a car accident should also tell the police as well as their insurance company.

The merits of any case will be initially considered by a solicitor. A personal injury solicitor will decide if his client really does have a case – that is he was not in any way responsible for the injuries suffered. The decision will be based on the evidence presented to him.

If the legal adviser thinks the client has a viable claim he will write to the defendant. If the case is strong the defendant may decide to accept liability and agree to pay the compensation sum demanded. In such cases there is usually no need to take the case through the civil courts.

If the solicitor’s letter is not acknowledged, liability is not accepted, or no agreement is made on the amount of compensation that will be paid the next step will be for the personal injury solicitor to arrange representation in court.